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Aviator Watches has smart watches "Smartwatch" and hybrids.

The Smartwatch it is much more than a watch. It is an electronic bracelet device with the design of a watch, which contains multiple functionalities. The watch you can connect to your Smartphone (mobile phone) and that it works interactively and autonomously. Discover its features and functionalities in each model in relojesaviador.es

The hybrid watches they get this name, thanks to the mixture of the functionalities of the smartwatch and the look of an analog watch. Hybrid watches have functionalities similar to smartwatches, but more limited. At first glance it is a normal watch like the analog ones we have always known, but it includes various functionalities that a normal watch does not offer. Get yours with the emblem of the Air Force, Civil Guard, National Police or their various units.

Discover in Aviator Watches our own Smartwatch brand, and the collaboration with the Italian watch brand Paul Edward. We have different collections of hybrid watches and smartwatches. Only in relojesaviador.es you will find exclusive designs.



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