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Military Watches

Online store of Military Aviator watches for lovers of adventure and all-terrain watches.

In our online store you can buy military and adventure watches of the Aviator brand. We have made a selection of military watches and adventure watches for lovers of this type of activities who are looking for all-terrain watches.

You can buy military and adventure watches for true explorers, those who plunge headlong into adventure defying the unknown, who want to taste freedom without strings attached. Military and adventure watches designed for true survivors who love the unexplored.

What is a military watch

A military watch, also known as a field watch, is as its name suggests a watch designed to be used by the military. This means that the military watch must be very durable and able to withstand very extreme conditions. Virtually almost any standard feature that you can think of will stand out on the military watch.

After all, it is a watch that was conceived to be used in war.

That is why military and adventure watches have similar characteristics.

Military watches and especially military pilot watches are the predecessors of today's wristwatches.

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