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Eurofighter Typhoon II

The first Spanish watch tested at supersonic speed.

The Eurofighter Typhoon II Aviator Watch is a tribute to the Eurofighter Typhoon II, a multipurpose fighter with a combination of agility, stealth capabilities and advanced aviation systems that make it one of the best and most performing fighters in world aviation. It currently equips the 11th Wing and the 14th Wing of the Spanish Air Force.

The Eurofighter chronograph is the result of more than a year of R&D work by Aviador. In fact it is officially the first Spanish watch to have passed technical and endurance tests flying at 2,495 kilometers per hour, "mach 2”, twice the speed of sound. This is certified andl CLAEX of the Air Force (Armament and Experimentation Logistics Center): for the first time in the history of Spanish watchmaking, a chronograph it has successfully overcome pressure, temperature changes, accelerations and decelerations in fighter aircraft.

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