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Osprey: The AVIATOR Sports Dual Time with Double Time Reading.

Osprey, is the first AVIATOR Watch collection with double time reading: analog and digital. The new watch makes it easier to read the time analogically, using the traditional hands, and digitally, by pressing the function button that activates the LEDs on the dial.

The Osprey collection is inspired by the Osprey V-22 hybrid military aircraft, the world's first equipped with tilting rotors that allow it to take off and land vertically like a helicopter and fly like an airplane. A dual helicopter - airplane functionality admired by aviation lovers.

This collection incorporates cutting-edge solutions such as the biplane sphere, to thus improve the analog readings of the exact time; the Arabic numerals in three dimensions, which report with the utmost sharpness; or the led responsible for setting the digital time, to thus save the maximum power to the battery.

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