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These are the Terms and Conditions that regulate the contractual relationship of acquisition of products offered in this online store. The Terms and Conditions of sale described below, only govern the contractual relationship between the user of the online store (hereinafter referred to as "Client") and the seller, Relojesaviador.it is with CIF E75145904 (hereafter "the Store"), responsible for the commercial exploitation of the online store under authorization Group Ayserco SL owner and licensee of the brand "AVIATOR".

Please read these conditions carefully before placing your order in the Store. By placing your order at the Store, you agree to be bound by these conditions.

1. Object.

1.1. The object of these Terms and Conditions of Purchase is the supply of the products offered in the online store, in exchange for an economic benefit.

1.2. By accessing the online store, the Customer undertakes to respect the Terms and Conditions as well as the rules of use contained therein.

2. Entry into force.

2.1. These Terms and Conditions, together with your order confirmation, constitute the contract between the Store and the Customer for the supply of products. No other Terms and Conditions shall apply.

2.2. It will be understood that the Client agrees with the general conditions provided for in this text from the moment he accepts that he has read and agrees with these Terms and Conditions.

3. Orders.

3.1. The prices and conditions of sale are for informational purposes only and may be modified in response to market fluctuations.

3.2. However, the completion of the order by completing the purchase form implies compliance with the price offered and the general conditions of sale in force at this particular time.

3.3. Once the order is completed shall be deemed perfected the purchase of right, with all the legal guarantees that protect the consumer purchaser, and since that moment, the price and conditions will be of a contractual nature, and may not be modified without the express agreement of both parties.

3.4. Spanish will be the language used to formalize the contract. The electronic document in which the contract is formalized will be archived and the user will have access to it in his client area.

3.5. The customer may cancel the order at any time and at no additional cost, provided that it has not been invoiced and sent through the transport company. If the package has left our facilities, the customer may reject it with the transport company at the time of receipt of the same.

4. Supply of the products.

4.1. The Store will supply the products indicated in the confirmation of your order, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

5. Information about the products.

5.1. We pay great attention to the information related to the essential characteristics of the products through technical descriptions from its collaborating companies and manufacturers, and photographs illustrating the products. All this is done within the limits of the technique and respecting the best market standards.

6. Price.

6.1. The price of each product will be clearly indicated on the website. The price and conditions of the products offered may vary, but in any case the price and conditions that existed when the order was placed will always govern for the Customer.

6.2. We reserve the right to charge the order from the moment of receipt.

6.3. The sales prices indicated in our online store are shown as follows:

  • If the customer lives in the European Union, all prices include VAT, but we deduct this amount from the total if the shipment is made to VAT-exempt areas. After placing the order, the customer only has to send us a comment through the Customer Service Form, and we will deduct the amount.
  • If the customer lives outside the European Union, the prices do not include VAT. The Customer will have to pay the local VAT and there may be some import fee when the shipment arrives at its destination.
  • In some countries or areas there is also the collection of paperwork management for customs, these costs are charged by the transport company who acts as an intermediary. Tariffs and customs rules vary in different countries and it is difficult to know exactly how they work.

6.4. The shipping service costs are not indicated in the price of the products. The shipping service costs are borne by the Customer and will be added to the total amount of the selected products before confirming the order and finalizing the contracting process. The calculation of shipping costs depends on the volume and weight of the items.

7. Availability.

7.1. It should be borne in mind that orders will be shipped within the limits of available stock. If one of the ordered items is not in stock, we undertake to send the Customer an email as soon as possible (from the date on which he placed the order) to inform him of the deadline in which we will be able to send him his product(s). In case you were not interested in waiting, you can request a refund of the amounts you have paid for that item.

7.2. If any of the products in your order, once invoiced, are not available, we will propose an item of equivalent quality and price to replace the unavailable product. In case you do not accept the proposed replacement product, we will proceed to refund the unavailable product.

8. Payment for the products.

8.1. If our security department suspects any anomaly or fraud, the Store reserves the right to cancel the transaction for security reasons.

8.2. The Store offers the Customer 3 payment methods:

  • Payment by credit/debit card. If you choose to pay by card, the Customer's order cannot be taken into account and will not be processed until the payment has been authorized by your bank or cashier. Online payment by credit card is made through the "Secure Socket Layer" security system, which encrypts your bank details when they are transmitted over the internet. For security reasons, the Store verifies all orders paid by bank card. We accept American Express, Maestro and any Visa and Mastercard cards registered in the Verified by Visa secure payment system. In addition, for any order whose amount is higher than a scale set by the Store, the Customer will be asked for an identity document and proof of address that must be sent to us by fax or e-mail that are timely indicated.
  • Payment by bank transfer. The Client must make the transfer to the account that will be indicated in due course.
    IMPORTANT: As the concept of the transfer you must indicate the reference that will be indicated at the end of the order. In case of not having indicated this reference, the order will be canceled and the money will be refunded after 7 days.
    IMPORTANT: For payments by bank transfer, the products are not reserved until the deposit is received into the account.
  • Payment by PayPal. PayPal allows you to pay directly without communicating financial data on the Internet. PayPal automatically encrypts sensitive data with the help of the best technologies available on the market.

9. Shipping of the products.

9.1. We will send the Customer his products to the delivery address indicated in his personal data form.

9.2. On the website, specifically in the shopping cart, the amount of shipping costs is indicated before the purchase is made.

9.3. The delivery time of the orders, once the proof of payment has been received, is as follows:

  • Delivery in Spain: up to 7 business days.
  • Delivery to EU countries: up to 15 business days.
  • Delivery to non-EU countries: up to 20 business days.

9.4. The Customer undertakes that he or another designated person is at the address indicated to receive the package. In case of not being the first time, the carrier will insist several times. If the order still could not be delivered, it will be returned to us, with the consequent refund to the Customer of the payment made less the shipping costs or return of the merchandise that will be borne by the Customer.

9.5. The customer will have 24 hours to check the integrity of all the components of the order and to verify that everything he owes is included in the included products. After these 24 hours the shipment will be accepted and claims for defects or failures with the shipment will not be accepted.

9.6. An order will be considered delivered when the delivery receipt is signed by the customer. It is in the next 24 hours when the customer must verify the products upon receipt of the same and expose all the objections that may exist.

9.7. In case of receiving a product damaged by transport, it is advisable to contact us within the first 24 hours to be able to claim the incident to the transport company. In the same way it is convenient to leave a record to the company that has carried out the transport.

10. Product guarantees.

The store guarantees according to the current laws and the following conditions all the products it distributes. The consumer can contact both the seller and the manufacturer of the product, who will respond for any lack of conformity that manifests itself within two years from delivery. If the defect comes to light during the first 6 months from the delivery of the good, it is presumed, unless proven otherwise, that the anomaly already existed when you bought it.

However, when the lack of conformity manifests itself after 6 months and in doubtful cases, the manufacturer may require an independent expert report to process the warranty. In obvious cases of malfunction or irregular operation in warranty period there is no any kind of problem.

In any case, during the time that the consumer is deprived of the product, the calculation of the warranty period is suspended; for example, if the repair of an object lasts 15 days, the warranty period will end 15 days later than originally planned. Any manufacturer that has a warranty greater than 2 years that marks the current Law, must be processed directly with the manufacturer not being responsible for such cases the Store.

The shipping costs generated by the processing of the product warranty will be borne by RELOJESAVIADOR.es in those cases where it is assumed that the lack of conformity exists in the acquired good. It must always be done following the instructions indicated by the Store, upon request and acceptance.

Conditions for companies and distributors. When the client is a distributor, or invoicing as a company (non-natural person), the shipping costs to our facilities will always be borne by the client, since the law on consumer goods does not regulate the sale between companies. In addition, the warranty in these cases will be that stipulated by the manufacturer of the product.

The consumer may complain when the product is not in accordance with the contract:

  • The purchased good does not conform to the description made by the seller.
  • The acquired good is not used for the uses to which consumer goods of the same type are ordinarily destined.
  • It is not suitable for the special use that would have been required by the consumer and that the seller has accepted.
  • It does not present the expected quality and behavior, especially taking into account public statements (advertising, brochures, labeling...) about its specific characteristics made by the seller or the manufacturer.

The consumer and user have the right to:

  • Repair or replace. The consumer and user may opt for repair or replacement, unless one of the two options is impossible or disproportionate. The one with a higher cost will be considered disproportionate. Both the repair and the replacement must be carried out within a reasonable period of time and completely free of charge for the consumer.
    NOTE: Currently there are many manufacturers that directly manage breakdowns / defects / incidents produced in their products to provide a quality after-sales service and reduce time. In these cases the Store will always indicate the instructions of how it should be processed to facilitate the management.
  • Reduction of the price or termination of the contract. They will proceed when the consumer and user cannot demand the repair or replacement and in cases in which it would not have been carried out within a reasonable time or without major inconveniences for the consumer and user. The resolution will not proceed when the lack of conformity is of little importance.

Cancellation of guarantees. The warranty may be cancelled for the following reasons:

  • Incorrect use, handling or maintenance by the Customer.
  • Broken or damaged components subjected to impact.

In short, any damaged material or with obvious signs of incorrect handling will not be accepted.

The warranty does not cover. The warranty does not cover defects caused by improper use of the product. In such cases, the consumer must take care of its repair. They are therefore excluded from the guarantee:

  • Defects and deterioration caused by external events, accidents, wear and use not in accordance with the instructions of the Store.
  • Products modified or repaired by the customer or any other person not authorized by the Store.

These warranty conditions do not affect the statutory rights of the consumer protected by applicable legislation. Likewise, the guarantee will act with respect to hidden defects and manufacturing defects of the product in accordance with Article 1490 of the CC.

11. Right to return.

11.1 Right of withdrawal.

The Customer will have a period of 7 working days from the delivery of the Product or the contracting of the Service to desist, totally or partially, from the purchase of the Product and / or Service, in accordance with the applicable legislation. Once the period of 7 working days has ended, the Store will not accept returns for withdrawal of Product purchases or Service cancellations. The Client will not have the right to withdraw in the cases established in the applicable regulations and, in particular, by way of example and not limitation, in the following cases:

  1. Products made according to the Customer's specifications or clearly personified;
  2. Services whose execution begins, with the agreement of the Client, prior to the end of said period of seven 7 working days.

To make the return, the following requirements must be met:

  1. The Product must be in the same condition in which it was delivered and must retain the instructions, documentation, accessories and, as far as possible, its original packaging and labeling.
  2. The return to the Store must be made using the same box or envelope used in the delivery or, failing that, in some similar format that guarantees the return of the Products in perfect condition.
  3. A copy of the proof of purchase and the delivery note of the Products must be included inside the package, where the returned Products and the reason for the return are also marked.

Once the Customer has communicated the intention to make a return, the Store will schedule the collection of the Products and inform the Customer by email of the date and time in which the collection will take place. the Store will not be responsible for the costs and direct expenses caused to the Customer by those returns of Products in the exercise of the right of withdrawal, therefore the Customer will assume the shipping costs for return.

11.2 Refund of the price of the Products and Services to the Customer.

In the course of the exercise of the right of withdrawal of (i) the Customer is entitled to the refund of the purchase price of the returned Products, provided that they are in the same condition in which they were received, have not been used (except as necessary to verify their conformity with what is expected), washed, damaged, unsealed or lost before getting to the dependencies of the Store or not complied with the requirements set out in these Terms of Use.

The Store will check in its warehouse the adequacy of the returned Product, reserving the right not to make the refund in case of detecting that the purchased Product and the returned One do not coincide or that the return has not been made in accordance with these Conditions of Use. Partial returns of an order will result in partial price refunds.

The Store will manage the price refund order using the same payment system used by the Customer to purchase the Products, within 5 business days from the confirmation of arrival at the warehouse of the returned order. The application of the refund of the price on the Customer's account or card will depend on the card and the issuing entity. The deadline for applying the refund of the price will be up to seven 7 calendar days for debit cards and up to thirty 30 calendar days for credit cards.

11.3 Return of Defective Products.

The Customer will be entitled to a refund of the price of the defective Products or the Products delivered if they do not correspond to the order placed by the Customer, in accordance with the applicable legislation. In these cases, the return of the Products to the Store may be made in the manner established in section (i) above or by contacting the Customer service department. In the case of returning defective Products, or that do not correspond to the order placed by the Customer, the Store will bear the costs of returning the Products, as long as the return is made within Spain.

12. After-sales service.

If you would like to speak to our Customer Service:
- You can call us at (+34) 914 032 362 from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 19:00 h.
- You can send us a message through the Contact Form and we will answer you as soon as possible.

13. Obligations of the Store and the Customer.

13.1. The Store undertakes to make available to the Customer all the necessary information regarding the products it offers as well as the orders. The Store is not responsible for the non-execution of these conditions in case of force majeure and in case of lack of the Client or an unforeseeable event on the part of a person outside the contract.

13.2. The Customer undertakes to fill in the order forms and their fields according to the instructions indicated. the Store will protect the data in accordance with the law. The Customer also undertakes to pay the price of the product, with the corresponding taxes and shipping costs.

13.3. We remind you that it is advisable that you keep a copy of the data contained in the purchased products. the Store is not responsible for any loss of data, files or, in general, for any damage resulting from a failure of backup by the Customer of the data contained in the purchased products.

13.4. The Store is not responsible for the consequences that may result from improper use of the products sold on its platform.

14. Comment.

14.1. All reviews written by Customers are controlled by the marketing team. If the received opinions violate the law, ethics or morality (abusive advertising, defamation, insults, out-of-context comments...), the Store reserves the right to reject or modify such opinions.

15. Protection of personal data.

15.1. The personal data that the Client must provide us with are essential for sending orders and drafting invoices. The absence of these data will lead to the automatic cancellation of orders. By registering on the website, the Customer undertakes to provide valid personal information, data that allow the provision of the service by the Store and the correct identification of the registered Customer, as well as the sending of information and advertising of different products and offers that the Store can have on their web pages. For more information see the section of Privacy Policy.

16. Intellectual property.

16.1. All the content of the Online Store of the Store (illustrations, texts, denominations, brands, images, videos) is the property of the Store. Any partial or total reproduction of the content by any procedure and on any medium is subject to prior and express authorization from the Store.

17. Invoice.

17.1. You agree to receive invoices for your purchases electronically. The electronic invoices will be provided in PDF format in the My Account section of the online store. Likewise, you can obtain a copy of your paper invoice by contacting us free of charge by e-mail or phone through the following link: http://www.relojesaviador.es/contacto.

18. Applicable law and jurisdiction.

18.1. This contract will be interpreted and governed in accordance with current Spanish and European legislation.

18.2. The parties submit, at their option, for the resolution of conflicts and waiving any other jurisdiction, to the courts and tribunals of the Customer's domicile.

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