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Club Atlético Aviación

Collection dedicated to the Club Atlético Aviación, predecessor of the Club Atlético de Madrid.

This collection remember a unique pairing. Spanish Air Force and Atletico Madrid. It was a strategic agreement extended between 1939 and 1947, which gave wings, and never better said, to a club at the most delicate moment of its existence.

The Aviation Athletic Club

The Aviation Athletic Club or Athletic-Aviation Club it was formed during the Civil War in 1939 as a result of the merger ofthe Athletic Club of Madrid with the National Team in order to be able to play in the National League. 

The Rojiblanco club has its origin in 1903 as Athletic Club de Madrid, founded as a branch of Athletic Club de Bilbao by a group of supporters who belonged to the School of Mining Engineers.

For its part, in 1937, at the Matacán airfield (Salamanca), the National Aviation was created, made up of soldiers from the Franco side who had been professional footballers. Two years later, the National Team plays its first match in Madrid at the Vallecas field.

The merger between the two teams took place in October 1939, with Ricardo Zamora as the first coach, giving rise to Athletic-Aviación Club. In January 1947 the club adopted its current name, Club Atlético de Madrid.

75th anniversary of the first League of Atletico Madrid

In the year 1940, a year after the formation of the new club, the first league in the history of Rojiblanca was achieved, a triumph that was repeated again in 1941. They were the first two leagues held after the Civil War.

Emblem of the Club Atlético Aviación

As a result of the merger agreement, the new shield was composed of the emblem of the National Team with the shield of the Athletic Club of Madrid superimposed.

Club Atlético Aviación reloj del atlético de Madrid


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