Civil Guard

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The Guardia Civil is a Spanish armed institute, one of the two national security forces, together with the National Police Corps. As a gendarmerie, it has a military nature and performs, among others, police functions, depending on the Ministries of the Interior and Defense.

The AVIATOR brand watches has created its most special collection to pay tribute to the Civil Guard. Our watches are the first to have been distinguished with the symbol of this security corps. After the success obtained by the watches among its members, the Civil Guard has authorized the use of its emblem to the AVIATOR brand for marketing.

The watches of the Civil Guard AVIATOR brand have the official coat of arms of the Civil Guard (the sword and the ax, historically linked to tools of force, along with the beam of Roman lictors, representing Justice and Law) and the emblem “Honor is my Badge” that make it a symbol of our most deeply rooted values. The Guardia Civil watch in its different versions (chronograph, leather strap, metallic or RBF) is delivered with a Certificate that guarantees the exclusivity of this model authorized by the General Directorate of the Civil Guard.

You can buy Guardia civil watch on Amazon and in other online stores in Spain, but only in AVIATOR Watches you can find the complete collection of Guardia Civil Watches.

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